Little Picnic Magazine《小野餐幼兒雜誌》

Little Picnic Magazine is a magazine intended for early readers learning to read Chinese. Through stories, games, and activities, little readers experience and discover different cultures of the world.



Who is Little Picnic Magazine for?
Little Picnic Magazine is aimed at budding Chinese readers. The text will be written entirely in traditional Chinese and will be designed for families learning to read across the Chinese diaspora. There are limited resources accessible to this audience (who are not looking for bilingual text) and we're excited to be able to create one to add to the offering.

Since the audience's age group is younger and their literacy skills will be basic, everything will be short. The hope is that little readers can still enjoy a variety of educational content while building confidence and independence in Chinese reading.

What can I expect in each issue?
Each issue will have a limited run with no reprints and we’ll be focused on adding more issues if it is well received. The current plan is to release two issues per year to start, with the premiere issue due to be released in November 2023.

Our first issue includes:

  • Featured story
  • Comic strip
  • Word search
  • Maze
  • Craft instructions
  • Step-by-step food recipe
  • Coloring pages
  • Postcard
  • ...and more!

Interested in contributing to our magazine?
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Can I subscribe to Little Picnic Magazine?
Yes! You can subscribe to 2 issues per year here.

Why doesn't the magazine include English/zhuyin/pinyin/jyutping?
Little Picnic Magazine is designed to support families who want to teach their children to read in Chinese characters.

What will the next issue be about?
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Issue 01: Japan