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Noodles, Please!

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Noodles are a universally loved food, from Ash Reshteh in Iran to Zaru Soba in Japan. In this board book shaped to mimic bowls, readers will discover 26 different varieties as they eat their way through the alphabet. Who knew noodles could be served so many ways: long and short, hot and cold, spicy and sweet, in broth and baked, paired with vegetables, meat and fish? The book also provides a culinary tour of the world, highlighting noodles from almost 20 different countries. With each new letter, a new dish is introduced identifying its country of origin and name written in both English and the country's native language. Whether learning about Tallarines Verdes for the first time, or a Naengmyeon aficionado, readers young and old are sure to slurp this one right up.

Size: 178x203mm
Pages: 28
Publication: February 2022
Binding: Board book 

Published by The Collective Book Studio (USA)